What is Coaching?

I get this question often, so I wanted to share my take on coaching.

A coach is not a cheerleader or a motivational speaker. A cheerleader creates excitement and enthusiasm for the crowd regardless of the result on the field. A motivational speaker shares wisdom that gets you excited to make a change of some kind. Neither of them has a relationship with you that extends past the game or the speech.

When you leave that environment, you often start questioning your ability to apply that excitement, enthusiasm, and wisdom in your life or business.

A coach is there to show you what is going on in your mind, so you get insight into why you show up the way that you do. It is challenging to get the results that you want when you can't see the obstacles in your way. Coaches know how to shine a light on the corners of your mind that stop you from getting the success you want. The coach helps you shift through the thoughts and beliefs you find there. Sometimes you think you don't have permission to decide which ones you want to keep and which ones to discard. A coach reminds you that the choice is yours.

A great example is thinking of your brain as a crowded attic. The lights are out, and you are trying to get from one end to the other. You will be bumping into boxes and knocking things over and fearing what might be hiding in the dark. A coach can turn on the lights, so you can see the path forward and create a strategy to move quickly around your obstacles. There may even be some things that you are keeping in the attic that you no longer need.

Coaching is the door to transforming the things you don't want in your life into the things you do want. It works because it hinges on what you decide about your own life, not a prescription someone else writes for you.

Coaching done well requires that you get clear on what you want. You study what is getting in your way, and then you create your own strategies to overcome the obstacles. When your action originates from your authentic desires and beliefs, the results are so much more powerful. When you get your thoughts, feelings, and actions aligned, there is no stopping you from reaching your desired outcome.

Coaching is an ongoing relationship that focuses on achieving a specific goal or general improvement in the way you experience your life. In my niche, I focus on managing your time to create space to take significant steps towards anything else you want to create in your life.

Don’t worry. A good coach does celebrate your achievements with you. It’s one of their favorite parts of the relationship. Great coaches do have wisdom in their area of focus.

However, the key is creating a relationship with someone who provides unbiased insight without judgment. Coaches believe that you are exactly as you should be. They believe everything you are going through is perfectly normal and they can help you remove the drama to get a clear picture. From that space, anything is possible.

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