"Time &" Series

This month I am sharing a series on "Time &." I talk to people regularly about their goals and aspirations. They want more money, more fulfilling careers, better relationships, better health, and more confidence. Sure, we talk about improving our scheduling and using our time better, but that isn't the primary goal. My question is, "Why not?" This month I want to spend time painting the vision for you about how time can transform all of these areas of your life. How you think about your time is the key that unlocks the door.

Any realized goal is ultimately the result of your thinking. When you manage your time well, you create space for reflection and introspection. When did you last set aside space to sit with an issue and study it from different perspectives, like a prism? Do you take time to think about how you would solve a problem using your own mind, not just learning about how someone else did it and applying their plan? By applying our unique ideas, talents, and skills to something that others have done before, we can find a new way that works most efficiently for us.

When we have the skills to constrain ourselves to the tasks and experiences that matter to us and utilize our talents and passions, we show up differently in the world. Alignment of our external actions with our internal values and our purpose lights us up from within. It removes any confusion about where we should be focusing our efforts. It allows us to move with confidence and grace. We work in a state of flow for more extended periods, and the results are astounding. Moreover, we draw people to our energy, joy, and the ease with which we move toward our goals. Simply connecting with more people moves us towards most goals.

As masters of our time and commitments, we are fully present in the moment. We aren't worried about what we are forgetting, what we should be doing, and who we are disappointing. That directed focus brings the results we are seeking forward quickly and cleanly.

I teach developing healthy time habits because we need time in our lives to apply to any goal we desire. However, there are also tools we can use in any arena for exponentially more remarkable results. With the concept of time, it is clear how these principles move us forward. When we try to learn these skills in other areas first, it can seem muddy and confusing. The tool kit of time management includes:

  • Constraint

  • Commitment to our Commitments

  • Decisions Ahead of Time

  • Urge Allowance

  • Rest and Free Time

  • Creativity and Focus Time

  • Allowing Other People's Opinions

I look forward to exploring all the ways your time can impact other areas of growth in your life. Stay tuned to learn how time management affects your money, relationships, health, careers, and confidence.

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