Time & Money

Let's say you have a financial goal. You want to increase your rolling gross or assets under management to a specific level. Perhaps you want to reduce debt or eliminate frivolous spending in your business or personal budget. Where does your mind go to create that future reality? You start thinking about how many new clients you need, what type of marketing program you should implement, and where you might find the right people, correct? On the surface, of course, those things take time. But let's look a little deeper at how excellent time management skills can impact this goal.

You can leap right into action. Action feels like progress. Sometimes it creates progress, and sometimes it doesn't. Well thought out, planned, and executed action typically yields faster results. If you include time in your schedule to study how others have generated revenue, align that with your most efficient work style and natural skills, create a plan, and then execute YOUR plan, results come faster and more easily.

How else does time affect your money?

When I have direction and purpose, I don't waste money on items and experiences that don't matter to me. I don't spend money on things for external validation. When I am in flow, accomplishing my goals, and making progress in my life, I don't feel the need to overeat, overdrink, or overconsume anything to make myself feel better. Overconsumption impacts my spending and overall financial picture in many insidious ways that I often don't recognize.

When I show up as my highest self, people are drawn to me. If I am on time, prepared, and focused, I stand out from the frantic, rushed crowd. My energy is strong and noticeable even if I never say a word. Since opportunities come from engagement with people, I have a bigger pool of referrals, clients, and events that put me in front of potential clients.

When I am well rested and take care of myself, I can access clarity and my best ideas. I can direct those ideas to client generation, or anywhere else I choose.

If I learn how to clear up 5 hours in my work week, I can apply those hours to the pursuit of making money.

Learning how to allow distractions to be present and remain focused translates to learning how to allow urges to buy things on the spur of the moment.

Do you want to obtain your financial goals through hustle and hurry, or do you want to take calm, thoughtful action? One way leads to burnout and inauthenticity, and one leads to sustainable movement towards the person you were made to be.

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