Are you familiar with the exercise that has you choose your word for the year? The word represents your goals and desired mindset for the next 365 days. My word for this year is "constraint."

In 2019, I chose "explore.” It was a year I was learning a lot about the concepts of growth mindset and business management. I wanted to absorb information and be open to new ideas and methodologies.

In 2020, my word was "conquer." I wanted to experiment with all I had learned the previous year and learn how to make it work for me. I had a fantastic year of financial and personal achievement; It felt so good. I am a little bit of a success junkie.

This year, I want to refine my focus areas and eliminate some things that I can do, even if I am good at them and even if they are profitable.

Constraint feels a little scary and a lot uncomfortable. What if I let go of things and everything falls apart in my life or business? Can I trust in the systems and people to whom I relinquish responsibility? What if I fail at the new things and don't have the old standbys to bolster my self-image? What if I lose money or lose ground in my business while I take some time for myself?

It's so much easier to keep taking on more and pushing myself harder, but it takes a toll on my relationships and physical health. However, it is very comfortable. I know how to hustle.

So, I am going to take a deep breath and commit to this experiment. I am going to elevate my goal of physical health and eliminating overeating above my work goals. For real this time. I have put this goal first on the list for years and always elevate others above it because I believe other things are easier for me, and I can get my desire for success met. In making a public declaration, I am increasing my determination to stick to a very few things this year. But, I will stick to them.

I chose only one goal for my financial planning business for 2021. I am also constraining to creating the protocol and supervising that project, not handling it by myself. Just for the record, I usually have 10-12 goals.

I want to learn how to narrow my focus and follow a single idea through to completion. I invite you to follow along and see how it goes. This process will inform how I spend my time and energy this year. I can't wait to share my results with you in December.

How can you constrain for maximum achievement in 2021?

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