5 Keys to Getting 5 Hours Back in Your Week

As humans, we tend to overcomplicate things. Successful time management feels out of reach to many people. Our modern lives are full of inputs, information, and stimuli that did not exist ten years ago. Our culture emphasizes achievement and continuously moves the markers for success. This environment creates a need for deliberate decision-making and prioritization if we are to have any hope of managing our days in a way that fulfills us.

Our brains love to find evidence to support whatever we believe. Therefore, if we think that time management is complex, we will assume that any system that works must also be complicated. This assumption is faulty, however. In truth, there are five simple keys to time management. If you follow the process and do not complicate it, it works beautifully. If you execute the five keys in their simplest form, you cannot fail.

As a bonus, I will show you how to free up five hours each week to dedicate to any goal you desire. Your goal can be anything- more revenue, more clients, time to work on your business, rest, exercise, more sleep, or time to read a book. I assure you that if you take five hours a week and dedicate it to one desired result, you will see incredible progress within a surprisingly short period.

I will tell you the exact "how" to get your schedule and your life back under your control. It will not be confusing. However, your brain will try to complicate it. Do not allow complication. In this blog series, I will take you through each key in detail, along with stories and anecdotes. Yet I know that some readers want the high-level points, so here it is.

  1. Create your ideal calendar.

  2. Consolidate your to-do Lists.

  3. Choose your priorities.

  4. Clarify and calendar your results, not your tasks.

  5. Commit and execute your plan.

That is it. There is an upfront investment of time on steps 1-3. After that, you repeat steps 4 and 5, which only take one hour per week. If you have a significant life change or priorities shift, cycle back up and repeat 1-3. When you spend an hour planning your week, all that is left to do is follow the calendar for seven days. You free up the time you previously spent deciding what to do next and which task needed priority. You will be shocked at how much time you used to spend on this.

In the following five blogs, I will expand on each of these keys to managing your time and getting 5 hours back in your week. I can't wait to see what you will do with that time.

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