Does your group need a reminder of what they are working so hard for?

I firmly believe that the key to getting what you want is already inside you.  Unlocking your potential comes from mastering your mind.  And it doesn’t have to be as hard, complicated, or overwhelming as we make it.

I love speaking to groups of female advisors about accessing and utilizing the power we already possess to transform our industry, our careers, and our lives.

So tell me a little about your group?

I have an awesome group of women financial advisors I’d love for you to speak to.

As a woman who has worked as an advisor in a family practice for over 20 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about entrepreneurship, practice management, and handling my life at the same time.  I love making sure that women understand that the overwhelm and exhaustion they are feeling is perfectly normal.  You are not broken! The tools to transform your life are available to you by letting go of guilt and shame, deciding what is worth pursuing, and learning to master your own mind.

I have a team in transition.  It's hard, and we need perspective.

Our family firm has transitioned from a mom and pop local practice (literally!  My mom and dad started it in a bedroom of our home.) to a multi-office, 20+ team member enterprise. Along the way, I garnered experience in growing our business both organically and through acquisitions, as well as designing and implementing succession and transition plans for our practices. I know the ups and downs of those processes and the mind drama that comes along for the ride.  I can walk your team through the simple concept of math vs. drama to help reduce the anxiety and overwhelm that attend these types of transitions. 

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Topics I Cover

  • Clarifying your Vision for Your Life

  • Career Builders' Workshops (Goal setting/An Executable Plan)

  • Building Self Confidence

  • Why do I Want to Escape My Life?

  • Escaping the Cycle of Overwhelm and Exhaustion

  • Your Business and Your Money

  • Family Business Dynamics

  • Business Succession

  • Your Business Transition

  • Scaling your Business

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