I want to help you rediscover your passion and unlock your potential.

I firmly believe that the key to getting what you want is already inside you.  Unlocking your potential comes from mastering your mind.  And it doesn’t have to be as hard, complicated, or overwhelming as we make it.

I love coaching women advisors one-on-one and connecting them through small groups.  We already possess the ability to transform our industry, our careers, and our lives.  We just need to get out of our own way.

How can I help you be the best you?

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching is a gift you can give yourself.  When's the last time you set aside time to focus on yourself.  One-on-one coaching is your opportunity to explore whatever issue is slowing you down or stealing joy from your personal life or career.  Nothing is off-limits.  In these sessions, I am dedicated to you and helping you move forward.

Small Group Coaching

Sometimes we just need community.  In a male-dominated industry, it can be lonely.  You sometimes feel that you're doing it wrong, just because your counterparts don't think like you do.  You're not doing it wrong!  Your natural instincts are exactly what we need to expand our industry, reach more lives, and create more impact.   Small group coaching allows us to work and learn with and from each other, and find the tribe that understands and supports us.  

Here's how booking an initial coaching consult works.


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This meeting is about you.  At the end of the meeting, you will have clarity around one result you want in your life and a written document setting you on the path to achieving that result.


Finally, we discuss future opportunities. 

We'll take a few minutes at the end of the call to see if you are a good fit for my coaching program.  I will explain what I can offer and the associated cost.


Are you ready?

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