Hey there! 

I'm Jenn 

.... advisor, coach, and efficiency aficionado.


You’re looking for someone who understands the pressures of running a successful practice while maintaining a thriving personal life. 

I’m a 20-year veteran of the financial industries with my own practice and a thriving business on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I'm a mom to two amazing kids and wife to an amazingly loyal and supportive husband, who just happens to be my business partner.  Our family firm has grown both organically and through acquisitions with processes that I created alongside our team.  In addition, I designed and implemented our firm’s practice succession strategy.   I have managed practices for some of our reps as well as my own practice.  I am also a Certified Coach through The Life Coach School.  Combining my hard-earned business skills with coaching tools to help other women advisors is my dream come true. 

This wasn’t always my story. 


About 10 years ago I was swimming in overwhelm, exhaustion, and guilt.  Everything felt like so much, I couldn’t even identify what “everything” was.  On the surface, I had it all – family, career, community.  I knew I should be appreciative and grateful.  Nothing was actually going wrong.  But I felt lost and unsure.  It was like I was holding the strings to several kites and they were all pulling me different directions.  I didn’t really know what I wanted, so I bowed to the perceived expectations of clients, my work team, and my family. 


It was just easier to try to do what I thought everyone else wanted me to do.

I started searching for answers to why I was feeling this way.  Two things changed my perspective and my life.  First, I found a great coach.  Second, I read a book about using “mind management” to engage with an issue and solve that problem forever.  These two tools helped me see that I had the power all along.  I just needed to take it back.

Our industry, our clients, and our families need us to show up strong and confident. 


That’s how we will make our mark. That's how we will create a legacy for the women who follow us.  I am committed to helping women advisors find their purpose and revitalize both their lives and careers. 


I’m a coastal  girl, with a heart for helping others.


I love reading, yoga and a good podcast. I’m obsessed with all things travel and hope to continue to experience different places and cultures with my husband until we're old and gray.


Speaking to women about setting goals, managing their practices and personal lives, and creating their own unique brand of success is my passion.


As a woman, I believe it’s important that we share our successes and failures so that we can learn and support each other.


My journey into the world of finance began around 1998 when I first started working with clients in the financial industries while studying for my MBA. Since then, I’ve gone on to help hundreds of clients achieve their goals through tax and money counsel. And now I want to help other advisors get what they want out of their lives and careers.


When I’m not working, you can find me shuffling my two awesomely talented kids back and forth between dance and football practice, or hanging out at home with my amazingly supportive husband/business partner and our two black labs at our home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 

Little tidbits about me... 


I have been in the financial and tax family firm since 1998.


I love my community of fellow women advisors.  They are my friends and my sounding board.


I'm a teacher at heart.  I love taking complex

issues and breaking them down into easy-to -

understand concepts.

“It’s too much. There's never enough time. I'm not enough.  I am so very tired."

This doesn't have to be your life experience.