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Take Control of Your Time and

Revitalize Your Life.

How would it feel to show up for your day calm and confident and go to bed knowing you accomplished your goals for the day?

You can solve all your issues with time.  I can show you how.  I'm Jenn Milligan, a veteran of the scheduling wars, an advisor, and a certified coach.  

The best part is you already have everything you need.  You don't need a fancy planner.  You don't need expensive software.  And you definitely don't need to run out and hire an assistant just yet. 

If you have those things, we can leverage them, but that is not where we need to start.

Jenn Milligan, CFP®, EA, MBA, Certified Coach

Revitalize Coaching

Coaching for Women Financial Advisors

Does this sound familiar?

You decided to become a financial advisor.  You took the tests. You got licensed.  You found clients.  You started meeting their needs. Then, one day, you looked up and realized that, somehow, your practice had become unmanageable.​

  • You built your client base by doing anything anyone asked of you.  Now you have a disparate group of clients, and they all expect something different in terms of service and relationship.  It takes way too much time to manage your book of business.

  • You decided you needed staff members, only to realize you were never taught how to use them effectively.  It takes way too much time to tell them what to do, get back unacceptable work, and then redo it yourself.


  • You are in a business transition or succession process and it's completely overwhelming and discouraging.  It takes way too much time to manage everyone's expectations and all the miscommunication.​ 

  • You are ready for a big change but aren’t sure how everyone (your clients, your team, your family, your community) will react. It takes way too much time to just keep up with the day-to-day to figure it all out. 


  • Work is great, but you feel like your home life is suffering because of your time and efforts on the job OR you feel like you can’t get ahead at work because you have prioritized your home life.   It takes way too much time to do either one justice, much less both.


  •  All of the above, all at the same time.  That was me!

Let's learn how to take back control of our lives and schedules, just two minutes at a time.

... and to have a little fun while figuring it out.

When you sign up below, you will receive the instant bonus video series, "Get 5 Hours Back in Your Week."  Learn how to go from harried, hurried, and hassled to calm, confident, and collected.  Each video is approximately two minutes so you don't need a lot of time to get started.
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"Jenn is a great listener and is very thoughtful.  She is patient and non-judgemental.  She helped me work through issues around a difficult relationship.  With Jenn's help, I learned how to more effectively deal with that person and become a happier person.  I was able to stop spending my time obsessing on that individual and start doing what is important to me."

— Laura H., Michigan

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